Antibiotic Chloramphenicol

A new species of bacterium that causes leprosy has been identified through intensive genetic analysis of a pair of lethal infections, a research team reports in the December issue of the American Journal of Clinical Pathology. All cases of leprosy, an ancient disease that still maims and kills in the developing world, previously had been

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Chloramphenicol is an antibiotic prescribed for the treatment of infections of the bacteria.
The drug is normally injected into the body. Well, you should have to follow the prescriptions strictly if you want the desires results. Never use the drug for more periods or take the drug in large amounts. This only increases the chance of the infections to relapse. Well, if you want to get relief from your infections, you have to complete the whole course.

Coming to missed dose, take the missed one as soon as you remember it. But never go for a double dosage as it only increases the risk of side effects.

As Chloramphenicol medicine is known to interact with certain drugs, it is good if you tell your doctor about all the medicines that you are taking before he prescribes the drug. You have to be extra careful while taking Anticoagulants and medicines used for the treatment of bone marrow.

Always consult with your doctor about all the risks and side effects of the drug before he prescribes it. Your doctor should have information about all your allergies. Your doctor may decide to cut short the dosages or may even not prescribe the drug if you have any of these conditions: low blood platelets, low white/red blood cell count, cold and throat infections.

The drug is not prescribed for pregnant women, as it is known to cause harm to the newborn babe. While you are breast-feeding, you should not take the drug as it can affect new born.

Plavix is an effective drug given for the preventing blood clots after a heart attack. The drug is also given to persons with certain disorders of the blood vessels. The drug has to be taken with food or in empty stomach. Plavix should have to be taken with a full glass of water. Once you are

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If you are having any problems with your erection, then you should have to try Cialis, which is one of the best erectile deficiency drugs available in the market. Ciais can be taken in empty stomach and also with food. Use only one drug a day and take care that there is a gap of 24

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Lasix is a powerful diuretic that is one of the most effective drugs for treating swelling and fluid build up caused by heart problems, chronic renal disorders and liver problems. Lasix works by flushing out the extra salts and water from the body. As the drug lowers the salt and water level in the body, Lasix

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Tamoxifen is an effective drug used for the treatment of certain kinds of breast cancer. The doctors also prescribe the drug for women who are at a higher risk for breast cancer. The drug can be taken in empty stomach and also with food. The drug will have its effect only if it is regularly

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Synthroid medicine is given for treating hypothyroidism and also for goiters. It is also some times given for obesity. Once Synthroid is prescribed for your problem, make sure that you stick on to the prescription. Never deviate from what your doctor has asked you to do. Moreover, you should not stop the drug on

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