Dengue fever outbreak spreading across Cairns

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An outbreak of dengue fever in Cairns, in far north Queensland, continues to cause alarm as the number now affected has reportedly reached 50 and appears to be rising.

Queensland Health says another 12 people are awaiting blood test results and six people have been admitted to hospital.

Worse hit suburbs for the mosquito-borne disease are North Cairns, Parramatta Park and Whitfield and Dr.. Jeffrey Hannah from the Tropical Population Health Service is urging those who become sick to see their doctor - some northern beaches suburbs are also affected - it is suspected that the outbreak is spreading to other suburbs.

Dr. Hannah says typical symptoms are the sudden onset of a high fever, very unpleasant headache, profound lethargy, muscle aches and pains and a rash and suspected carriers who fail to seek medical advice could spread the disease wherever they went.

Authorities are monitoring several more suburbs close to the infected zones or where properties are conducive to breeding dengue mosquitoes.

The public in all suburbs is being warned to clear stagnant water in pot plants, car tires, palm fronds and any other containers - use insect repellent - wear personal repellent during the day and re-apply it according to the label and use plug-in mosquito zappers, and also use cockroach surface spray under tables, chairs and beds in the home.

A severe strain known as dengue haemorrhagic fever can be fatal.


While health authorities continue to battle to contain an outbreak of Dengue fever in Cairns in north Queensland, further down the coast an outbreak has now been reported in Townsville. The Cairns outbreak has now been raging for almost a month, exacerbated by wet and warm weather conditions, and authorities are struggling to get

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As the Dengue fever outbreak in northern Queensland continues to claim new victims on a daily basis, many are calling for more funding to control the spread of the disease with some suggesting the only answer will be a fogging campaign. The two Dengue fever outbreaks in Cairns and Townsville have now infected more than

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Health officials in Cairns in the tropical northern part of Queensland, Australia are battling to contain an outbreak dengue fever in the region. In the latest attempt to make people sit up and take both notice and action, homeowners are being warned to clean up mosquito breeding areas in their backyards or risk fines

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As the Dengue fever outbreak in Cairns continues unabated a health official has said the outbreak is the worst in Queensland since World War II times. The number of confirmed cases has now reached epidemic levels with more than 160 reported in recent weeks. Dr. Linda Selvey from the Tropical Population Health says 167 cases

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The Red Cross in Queensland has issued an urgent call for blood donors to come forward as the collection of blood has been restricted in Dengue-affected areas. As the Dengue fever outbreaks in Cairns and Townsville claim more victims each day, Queensland blood stocks have become depleted - in Cairns and Townsville more than 150

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