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Researchers in the U.S. have discovered a new cancer drug which effectively treats transplant rejections. The researchers from the University of Cincinnati (UC) say the new therapy for transplant patients, targets the antibody-producing plasma cells that can cause organ rejection. According to a study by Dr. Steve Woodle and colleagues, the cancer drug bortezomib which

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When you sit down with your physician and discuss treatment, cost is always something on your mind. An operation can be a single big ticket item, but more often it is the daily doses of a must-have medication that slowly wears away your financial security. A drug like lexapro may be recommended over a period of months. Looking at the drugstore prices for the branded version can add to your worries. That is going to add up to a major bill — a major headache — which is why you are shopping around online.

A site like this can save you a serious amount of money, even though you have to pay for delivery (actually, in the real world, you do not notice the cost of gas and the overheads of car ownership when you drive down to your neighborhood store).

Let us start with the online pharmacies themselves. All the savings in staffing and general overheads are passed on to you as cheaper prices. Add in the currency exchange considerations where the U.S. dollar is stronger and you have more savings.

Many of the quotes are sweetened with bonus pill offers. Unlike the real world, online businesses believe in offering incentives to their customers.

Then there is the question of generics. Wherever possible, the online world supplies the generic equivalent of your branded drug (that is escitalopram for lexapro). This is in every way the chemical equivalent of the branded drug but sold without the need to recover the costs of research and development (and the cost of advertising the brand).

You will see which of these pharmacies can supply the drug you want (there are laws limiting the trade in drugs between some states). All the prices quoted can be unfolded by using the plus signs in the headers next to the dosage sizes for 5mg, 10mg and 20mg tablets. Add in the bonus pills (if any) and the cost of delivery, and you are beginning to arrive at your decision.

Except that price is not everything. There are differences in the service offered. For delivery, do you want a courier service, will you accept registered air mail or will you risk unregistered mail? Even the last option may be acceptable if the pharmacy has a replacement policy for packages lost in transit. In other words, you need to check out each of the pharmacies using the little ‘i’s at the end of each line. This produces a pop-up window with an outline of the terms. For a full description, you need to navigate through to the pharmacy’s own website.

When you have decided which price represents the best value, click on the named shopping cart. There are some questions about your medical condition and any other medications you take. This quick survey substitutes for the need to produce a prescription. Assuming the online pharmacist approves the sale, you pay for your lexapro and it is sent on its way to you.

Looking around right now, one thing is certain. Life is getting a little tougher. The prices for essentials are creeping up in the stores. You need to make your budget go further every month. Welcome to the best way to save dollars on your drug purchases. Up to six of the best online pharmacies give their

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Just like saving money on groceries or finding the best deal on gas, smart consumers can cut their prescription drug costs with just a little bit of work, say pharmacists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Stefanie Ferreri, Pharm.D., and Jena Ivey, Pharm.D., both practicing pharmacists and clinical assistant professors at the

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LegitScript, an online pharmacy certification program, announced today that it has succeeded in getting nearly 500 “rogue” Internet pharmacy websites shut down. The sites had been selling prescription drugs or steroids without requiring a prescription, a practice that is illegal and considered unsafe by medical authorities. In most cases, the drugs were sold from outside

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With many local and national governments currently debating proposals to raise alcohol taxes, a timely new study published online  in the February edition of Addiction journal finds that the more alcoholic beverages cost, the less likely people are to drink. And when they do drink, they drink less. After analyzing 112 studies spanning nearly four

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Identigene today announced the Identigene DNA Paternity Test Kit is now available in select discount stores and supercenters in central Texas, bringing the total number of retail locations in which the kit is sold to nearly 15,500. Less than a year after its initial retail launch , the Identigene DNA Paternity Test Kit has provided

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