Keeping your eyes healthy and fit

In a paper available at the online site of the journal Biology of Reproduction, a team of UCLA researchers reports for the first time that vitamin D induces immune responses in placental tissues by stimulating production of the antimicrobial protein cathelicidin. The study involved exposing cultured human trophoblast cells to the active form of vitamin

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Do you know unhealthy eyes can be avoided by use of unique visions and eye exercise? I know you are definitely wondering the fitness exercises for eyes. Well, am soon coming to this. We need to take care of our eyes problem comes with age and to others prolonged stress of eyes. Here, are health and fitness discussion of several remedies that can keep the eyes health and fit for long.
healthy eyes

To start with let us look at the focus- time. Some of us are good gazers. They can look at one place for minutes with their eyes wide open. These behaviors can be a cause of this problem. This is because the muscles are exposed to some stress. To avoid this problem the solution is very simple. Your eyes need regular breaks.this can be done by shifting from long distance to short or even average view.

Other suggestion on the same is closing your eyes and looking in the direction of the sun. The other procedure should be turning away from the sun and back to it. Note this should be done with closed eyes since too much light can be a problem. After that, you should open you eyes and start looking at near and distance objects interchangeably. You should also look at object very close to your eyes as close as 6 itches. We have not come to an end. You should also rapidly close your eyes in intervals of 30 seconds and then looking at fixed points for 10 to fifteen seconds.

On the other hand we can make use of pinhole glasses. It is designed using glass but opaque type. Small hole are then made. When the user looks through them the eyes are secured. This follows the fact that width of diverging rays which can cause refractive errors has been prevented, this improve the eye heaths to some percentages.

Despite many efforts to keep you eyes fit, some problem might affect it and so it is important to know symptoms of the problems. To start with is disappearing eye brow, when you realize the third layer of the eyebrow has just disappeared, run to your optician. It means you are likely having a disease called thyroid. Sebaceous gland cancer may also affect your eyes. This can be detected by having stayed for some months.

If you are a computer user, burning eyes and blurred vision can also tell a problem on the way
Finally small spot in vision can tell you of a problem called Migraine aura. It has never been easy to replace eyes. As a result this should be one of the highly protected organs. Let’s accept it is delicate and take good health care.

Finally, it is worth having regular eye check up to ensure no problem over do the damage. Early problem detection proves to be easy to handle. It is difficult to deal with delayed health issues. All the same let’s do eye exercises since prevention is better than cure. This greatly supports our body health and fitness.

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Australian researchers have found evidence which supports the sneaky suspicion held by many that working in an open plan office could be a health hazard. According to Dr. Vinesh Oommen from Queensland’s University of Technology shocking evidence has been found on the health hazards of working in such environments. Dr. Oommen’s evidence comes from a

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Household budget cutbacks are becoming commonplace as most Americans struggle to make ends meet, but experts warn that health care needs should not be among the forfeited services. Recent research indicates that more than 20 percent of people have cut back on medical visits to save money and The Vision Council warns that this cost-saving

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Cognitive neuroscientists at the Swedish medical university Karolinska Institutet (KI) have succeeded in making subjects perceive the bodies of mannequins and other people as their own. The findings are published in the online, open-access journal PLoS ONE, December 3. In the first experiment, the head of a shop dummy was fitted with two cameras connected

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