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Heart failure is reaching epidemic levels among seniors in the United States, according to research presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2008. “Both the number of patients hospitalized with a primary diagnosis of heart failure and age-adjusted hospitalization rates for heart failure have increased dramatically over the past 27 years,” said Longjian Liu,

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Most of the people who suffer from erectile dysfunction undergo a lot of stress and even end up separating with their partners because they cannot satisfy their sexual needs. Today there are several drugs in the market that can cure such problems easily therefore you do not need to be shy. Levitra being one of the erectile dysfunction drugs it is very effective when it is used as recommended. Many men who take alcohol ignore taking Levitra even if they are suffering from erectile dysfunction because they feel that they can not do without alcohol and that Levitra is not meant for alcoholic individuals.

To avoid any misinterpretation, it is advised that you read and understand the patient’s prescription that come with Levitra, visit your doctor and follow his instructions strictly. Levitra can be taken with alcohol even after taking moderate amount of alcohol though it can be ineffective when it is taken after heavy drinking. If you cannot stop taking alcohol when under Levitra medication, it is advised that you lower the quantity of alcohol in order to avoid further problems or interfering with the drug’s effectiveness. You should also know that heavy drinking is one of the erectile dysfunction causes.

Levitra is a strong drug that can cause serious health problems when it is overused or when it is mixed with other drugs especially the ones that contain nitrates. This explains why it is necessary to visit your doctor for the necessary checkups to ensure that Levitra is best for you and cannot put your health at a risk.

Levitra falls into the category of drugs known as phosphodiesterase inhibitors. Its most common use is to treat erectile dysfunction in males. The active compound in Levitra is vardenafil. At some stage in life, most men will experience difficulty in getting erections. But erectile dysfunction is more likely to affect men who are older than 40.

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Levitra is a prescription medicine that’s used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). Levitra works like other impotence drugs in its class by inhibiting or blocking the action of the PDE-5 enzyme in the body. The PDE-5 enzyme is a naturally occurring chemical that’s part of a chain of messages that tell a man’s erection to

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Viagra is without doubt the most popular way to treat erectile dysfunction in men. For those who do not understand what erectile dysfunction is, here is a brief overview. Erectile dysfunction, also called impotence, means that a man cannot achieve an erection even if he is sexually aroused. This condition generally affects men over the age

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If your doctor prescribes Cialis to treat your erectile dysfunction, you will be glad to know that this drug has been approved by the FDA. Erectile dysfunction is an extremely common problem. In fact there are close to 30 million men, in the USA alone, who have this condition. As you know, this occurs when

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If you are having any problems with your erection, then you should have to try Cialis, which is one of the best erectile deficiency drugs available in the market. Ciais can be taken in empty stomach and also with food. Use only one drug a day and take care that there is a gap of 24

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