Viagra is the right medication for men

There is little need to explain you what Viagra does. If you suspect the problem of Erectile Dysfunction or impotency as it commonly known – Viagra is the right medication for men like you. Viagra helps you achieve better sex and more intimate relation with your partner.
A product of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals – Viagra belong to [...]


Powerful diuretic Lasix

Lasix is a powerful diuretic that is one of the most effective drugs for treating swelling and fluid build up caused by heart problems, chronic renal disorders and liver problems.
Lasix works by flushing out the extra salts and water from the body. As the drug lowers the salt and water level in the body, Lasix [...]


Glucophage is a medication to treat diabetes

Glucophage is a drug prescribed for people who are type 2 diabetic.
The drug should be taken with food and it has to be continuously taken for better results. The drug is an extended-release tablet and it should only be swallowed. Crushing, braking or chewing the drug will release more of the drug into the [...]


Impotence Causes

Failure to achieve an erection less than 20% of the time is perfectly normal, but many men suffer with the problem much more than this. Erectile dysfunction affects just over one in ten American men, half of whom suffer with the condition long-term. This rate rises to 50% of men between the ages of 40 [...]


Find affordable drugs by comparing prices online

When you sit down with your physician and discuss treatment, cost is always something on your mind. An operation can be a single big ticket item, but more often it is the daily doses of a must-have medication that slowly wears away your financial security. A drug like lexapro may be recommended over a period [...]


Diflucan and oral contraceptives

Two pregnancies and six cases of intermenstrual bleeding have been described in women using oral contraceptives, attributed to the use of Diflucan. This interaction (if such it is) is rare.
Two pregnancies have been reported, despite the use of oral contraceptives, attributed to an interaction with single 150 mg doses of Diflucan. Intermenstrual bleeding has also [...]


Viagra Information

When the mood strikes you, having the nervous feeling of performing may hinder your ability for a romantic evening with your loved one. After some time of these performance problems, you may just find that you need to see a doctor about erectile dysfunction.
Erectile dysfunction is the inability to either become aroused altogether or maintain [...]


Doxycycline and alcohol

Abstract/ Summary
The serum levels of doxycycline may fall below minimal therapeutic concentrations in alcoholic patients, but tetracycline itself is not affected and it seems likely that the other tetracyclines are also not affected. There is nothing to suggest that moderate amounts of alcohol will significantly affect the serum levels of doxycycline or any other tetracycline [...]


Weight Loss with Hydroxycut

Hydroxycut is gaining popularity due to its efficiency as a body weight reduction tool. However, it contains a number of substances causing undesirable or even dangerous side effects. Ma Huang herb – one of its basic ingredients – contains ephedrine, a powerful stimulant, which affects blood pressure and increases energy levels. In some cases, it [...]


About Cancer

The last few years have witnessed remarkable progress in understanding the biologic and biochemical bases for cancer. This is not to imply that the problem of neoplastic disease is solved. Gains in the treatment of cancer in adults have been gradual and have focused upon those malignancies characterized by unusual sensitivity to radiation and chemotherapy. [...]

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