Synthroid is given for treating hypothyroidism for goiters

A team of researchers from Wayne State University, in collaboration with Basrah Medical College in Basrah, Iraq, released a study published in The New Iraqi Journal of Medicine today on war-related mental health disorders among Iraqis ten years after the Gulf War. Bengt B. Arnetz, Ph.D., professor of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences in

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Synthroid medicine is given for treating hypothyroidism and also for goiters. It is also some times given for obesity.

Once Synthroid is prescribed for your problem, make sure that you stick on to the prescription. Never deviate from what your doctor has asked you to do. Moreover, you should not stop the drug on your own without consulting the physician.

The Syntroid medicine has to be taken in empty stomach with a full glass of water in the mornings. Keep in mind not to miss any dose and also to take the dose at the right time.

When you consult the doctor for your halth problems, make sure that you do not miss any details regarding your health. Discuss with the doctor if you are having diabetes, heart related problems, anemia, adrenal gland problems and pituitary gland issues.

Syntroid can be used even if you are preganant or feeding as the drug is not known to cause any harm to the foetus or the new born.

Onc you have started to use Syntroid, you should be under the constant watch of the doctor. You should never miss any appointments wth the physician. Well, the doctor may recommend regular lab tests that you should not miss. In case you are using insulin or any drug for diabetes, make sure that you tell that to the doctor.

A person taking Syntroid medicine can come across side effects and also certain allergic reactions. If you feel ay uneasiness after taking Synthroid, contact the physician immediately.

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