Useful tips to make the body healthy and fit

Dalhousie Medical School researchers have discovered that embryonic stem cells may play a critical role in helping people with nerve damage and motor neuron diseases, such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), regain muscular strength. Motor neurons reside in the spinal cord and control limb movements by enabling muscles to contract. Diseases like ALS cause them

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If you want to attain a good health, then simply you have to spend your precious time and will have to do some hard work. Without working hard, you cannot get a healthy body. Especially those people who are fat and want to reduce their weight must follow a specific plan so that they can improve their health and fitness. This article tells some top ways to attain a good health.
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Some of them are given below:

a) Add work out at gym in your schedule because it is very important for the healthy body. Working out at gym will allow your body to grow in a proper way. It has been seen that many people spend their time doing nothing and thus their body does not growth in a way it should. Your body parts will do hard work at gym and then your body will desire for more food. That food will be helpful in making your body shape and physical fitness.

b) Always take healthy food as your doctors recommend. Unhealthy food taken in any amount can be very bad for your health.

c) Drink water as much as you can. More than 75% of our body is consisted of water. From this, you can get an idea about the importance of water. That is why doctors suggest their patients to take 6-7 glasses of water on daily basis. This water is very essential for the proper growth of your body.

d) Use natural sweetener rather than using sugar. Sugar is not a healthy thing for the body. It should be used in a very less amount. In case, if the sugar level increases inside the body it will start converting glucose into fats which will cause obesity problem for the person.

e) Your body not only needs nutrients for its growth but protein is also essential for the healthy body. So you must take that food which is full of proteins and nutrients so that you do not face any kind of problem due to nutrients lack.

f) Running outside in morning and evening is very much healthy for the body. During running, the person intake more oxygen than usual. This greater amount of oxygen provides energy to each cell of our body and thus they flourish in a better way.

g) There are some best meals which can be taken to reduce the weight and to improve the fitness level. Egg, fish, bread, seed, brown rice and olive oil can help you in reducing your weight if you include them in your regular diet.

Well, this is not the complete list of such useful tips. You can also make online search to find the best ways to increase the fitness and health level. These tips are very valuable and productive if you start practicing them. I can surely say that you can avoid most of the health problem by following these tips. Professional doctors can also guide you in this regard.

Health and fitness includes some of the healthier food which should be included in our daily diet. If we talk about healthy food and nutrition sweet corn is proudly mentioned. Sweet corn contains large elements and energy filled nutrients. Fibrous foods should be included in daily diet that is also advised by doctors and solve

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The lowest ever levels of oxygen in humans have been reported in climbers on an expedition led by UCL (University College London) doctors. The world-first measurements of blood oxygen levels in climbers near the top of Mount Everest, published in this week’s New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), could eventually help critical care doctors to

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