Want To Prevent Fertilization - Use Birth Control Methods

Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered for the first time that stem cells could be the root cause of bowel cancer, according to a study published in Nature. Scientists at Cancer Research UK’s Beatson Institute for Cancer Research in Glasgow, Cardiff University and the Hubrecht Institute in the Netherlands - isolated stem cells in the

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Sometimes the person struck in such problems which are very difficult to handle. If we see towards our world then it is also facing very problem. One of the known problems is the rise temperature due to global warming. In this article I shall concentrate the attention of people towards the population. The current world population is 6.3 billion which is increasing day by day. It is just a rough idea about the current population of world. As this is becoming the major problem of world so we should think over it. A term of birth control has been introduced to control the world’s population. According to birth control there are different methods which you should follow to control the birth rate.

contraceptive pills
These methods are used to prevent the fertilization during sex. Some mostly adopted methods are sterilization, contraception, contragestion, behavioral methods and surgical methods. You have the options to choose any of them according to your accessibility. If you are not happy due to the use of specific method then you can choose other one after consulting a professional doctor. Well, if I discuss you about the mostly adopted method then you will come to know that the use of condoms is very common. You may hear only about male condom but female condoms are also available in market. The prices of these condoms are affordable. A common person can use it without any trouble. Male condom is worn on the penis while the female condom is worn inside the vagina. Purpose of both condoms is same. You know that the basic purpose of all methods is to avoid the fertilization by forming a barrier between sperms and eggs. This talk was about the use of condoms for birth control now I shall tell you other techniques.

A common method which female can use is the use of contraceptive pill. Many pharmaceutical companies are making contraceptive pills. You can choose the right brand after consulting your family doctor. Different doses of these pills are sold in market. It is strongly recommended that use the prescribed dose. If you will take over dose then you may become the victim of many health problems. The common side effects due to the use of contraceptive pills are headache, dizziness, abdomen pain and unexpected bleeding from the vagina. You do not need to worry about them because they can be treated by the use of common medicines. Besides the use of contraceptive pills, you have the option to choose the surgical method and sterilization methods. The effectiveness of both methods is same as that of above mentioned methods. Do not forget to ask the doctor who works in the family planning center about the pros and cons of each method. After this prepare yourself for the selected method. It will be better for your health as well as for your family. This is the summary of birth control methods and techniques. If you are willing to get more knowledge then you can use internet.

Family planning is taken very seriously these days and it should be because of the increasing population. The young couple these days are very careful before getting pregnant, they think about everything before conceiving. Developed and developing countries both have taken measured steps to reduce the unwanted pregnancies. Therefore these days the contraceptive are used

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New data from The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University demonstrate that many women think condoms undermine sexual pleasure, but those who use both hormonal contraception and condoms report higher overall sexual satisfaction. The study authors suggest that this inconsistency reflects how women think about their contraceptive method when asked questions about two different aspects of

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The Female Health Company has announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Obstetrics and Gynecology Devices Advisory Committee has unanimously voted that the company’s second-generation female condom, the FC2 Female Condom, is approvable with a single condition. The Advisory Committee voted 15-0 that the product is approvable with the condition that the FC2

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According to the Vatican’s official newspaper, the contraceptive pill is a major cause of male infertility in the West and is also polluting the environment. An article in L’Osservatore Romano claims there is substantial evidence available to show that the environment is being flooded with synthetic female hormones because of widespread use of oral contraceptives

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Two pregnancies and six cases of intermenstrual bleeding have been described in women using oral contraceptives, attributed to the use of Diflucan. This interaction (if such it is) is rare. Two pregnancies have been reported, despite the use of oral contraceptives, attributed to an interaction with single 150 mg doses of Diflucan. Intermenstrual bleeding has also

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